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How to start your own Mobile Phlebotomy business ebook


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Here Are Your Questions Answered

How can I start my own business while working a 9-5 job?

Question One

You can start your own Phlebotomy Business, while still working your 9-5 by, first, remembering that your job is your first business partner. You will need your job to fund you business if you don't already have business credit established.

How much experience will I need to start my own business?

Question Two

I recommend having at least 3-5 years experience of working in a hospital setting, which allows experience with newborns and geriatrics.

How much money will I need to start my own business?

Question 3

You will need to follow the checklist that we have available and begin to research and do your due diligence in obtaining the costs to start your business at home or brick and mortar . This step is very easy to determine before purchasing anything.

How long will it take to start my business?

Question Four

This is a good question to ask yourself, Only, you know your work ethic and how soon you would like to get your business up and running. Typically, I would say 2-4 months to get fully up and running.

Can I work from home or will I need a brick & mortar facility?

Question 5

Yes, you can definitely work from home. I started my business working from home before expanding my services.

Will I need a vehicle to do this type of work?

Question 6

Yes, you will need your own vehicle to do this type of work.

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